Funko DC Mystery Minis Case Ratios & Rarity Guide!

Funko DC Superheroes Mystery Minis Case Ratios Checklist

Earlier this week, Funko announced the impending arrival of the Funko DC Super Heroes Mystery Minis in January 2015 and opened pre-orders for the DC Mystery Minis blind boxes. At the time we didn’t know the details regarding the rarity of each figure in the series, but Funko has now provided all the details! If you want a complete collection, be afraid: some of the figures in the 2015 Funko DC Mystery Minis Series 1 assortment are only going to be one-per-six-cases…

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2015 Funko Mystery Minis DC Super Heroes Figures Revealed!

Funko Mystery Minis DC Super Heroes Case

If there’s one thing that vinyl figure collectors absolutely love (or absolutely hate), it’s vinyl blind boxes!

Funko doesn’t want DC fans to feel left out after the huge success of this year’s Marvel Mystery Minis Series 1 blind box figures, so to kick off 2015, Funko is giving DC Super Heroes fans their due: the Funko DC Mystery Minis Series 1 vinyl figures are now up for order!

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Funko Hikari 24K Gold Skeletor Vinyl Appears Online!

Funko Hikari 24K Skeletor Gold Vinyl Figure Packaged

Well, here’s an oddity! It’s not unusual for a new Funko product to arrive in stores before its official release date. In fact, that tends to happen all the time. What is a bit strange, however, is for a new Funko vinyl to hit stores before it’s even been announced!

That’s just what we’ve got today, however, as the unannounced Funko Hikari 24K Gold Skeletor vinyl figure has turned up for sale online!

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Funko Discord, Trixie, Princess Celestia & Spitfire POP Vinyls!

Funko Discord POP Vinyls Figure My Little Pony

Close to a year has passed since the first half-dozen My Little Pony Funko POP Vinyls figures were released, and many fans had begun to fear that the line was to meet the same early end as the Funko My Little Pony Cupcakes line.

Luckily, that crisis has been averted: all-new Funko My Little Pony POP Vinyls Princess Celestia, Spitfire, Trixie and Discord have now been revealed!

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Funko Metallic Rainbow Dash Hot Topic Exclusive Announced!

Metallic Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Funko Exclusive Hot Topic Vinyl

Funko has released everything from clear glitter ponies to black ponies to Blue Flu Discords, but this fall they’ve got an all-new type of My Little Pony vinyl figure set to debut: Metallic ponies! And if a new subset of Funko My Little Pony Vinyls is to be launched, what better pony to kick off the line than the one that’s 20% more marketable than any other? The Funko Metallic Rainbow Dash vinyl figure is coming exclusively to Hot Topic in Fall 2014!

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NYCC 2014 Funko Toy Tokyo Booth Photos! Hikari Astro Boy!


Since Funko doesn’t have their own official booth at New York Comic Con 2014, I wasn’t expecting anything new to appear at the show. I was wrong. Along with five never-before-seen NYCC 2014 Funko Hikari exclusives, an entire display case full of Funko Hikari Astro Boy and Groot vinyl figures was also premiered at the show! Although I wasn’t positive Funko was going to do a bunch of colorways for … Continue Reading →

Exclusive Funko Blue Discord Vinyl Figure Revealed!

Funko Blue Flu Discord Vinyl Figure Hot Topic Exclusive My Little Pony

As a nearly lifelong fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I have a special warm, fuzzy place in my heart for the character of Q. So imagine my surprise when watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic when Q himself showed up… as the chimera spirit of chaos, Discord!

Discord has garnered a huge fan base as a sometimes-reformed villain in the cartoon, and Funko collectors are now being rewarded with a third Funko Discord vinyl figure. This time–he’s blue!

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Funko Sesame Street POP Vinyls Announced! Super Grover!

Funko Super Grover POP Vinyls Figure Packaged

Toy Tokyo is going to be the place to be for Funko collectors at New York Comic Con 2014 this week, as Toy Tokyo has more NYCC 2014 Funko exclusives than any other vendor at the event, including exclusive Funko POP! Vinyls, Funko Hikari Sofubi, Funko ReAction figures and more! And the NYCC 2014 Toy Tokyo booth is about to get even better, as Funko announced today that it will be the only place to get the early release first figure in the Funko Sesame Street POP! Vinyls line–the Funko Super Grover POP Vinyl!

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Funko POP Vinyls Metallic Creature From The Black Lagoon!

Funko POP Vinyls Metallic Creature from the Black Lagoon Exclusive Figure

The popular Universal Monsters franchise is finally joining the world of Funko collectibles this fall!

But while the first Funko Universal Monsters POP! Vinyls and Hikari figures aren’t scheduled to arrive in stores for a couple more weeks, we got a little surprise today in the form of a quasi-expected, but previously unconfirmed exclusive variant: the exclusive Funko Metallic Creature from the Black Lagoon POP! Vinyls figure has now been revealed!

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