New York Toy Fair 2015: Funko My Little Pony Hikari Photos!

2015 New York Toy Fair Funko Hikari Rainbow Dash Variants My Little Pony

In the last five years, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has taken fandom and pop culture by storm in a way I would have not thought possible. And while the Hasbro My Little Pony toys have disappointed many fans, the same can’t be said of Funko, who have captured the style and characters of My Little Pony: FIM far better than Hasbro. And at the New York Toy Fair 2015, Funko revealed the Funko Hikari My Little Pony vinyls that are coming this year!

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Funko Hikari Greedo Vinyl Figure Variants Revealed & Photos!

Funko Greedo Hikari Figure Colorways

Funko Hikari debuted to huge demand and instant sellouts in the second half of 2014–and while the line seemed to be cooling off a mite this winter, Funko is ready to kick things into high gear with new licenses in 2015! And there’s no license bigger than that of Star Wars! Although the Funko Star Wars Hikari figures were only announced in December 2014, the first one is arriving this month: the first Funko Hikari Greedo figure is now up for order!

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Funko Hikari 24K Gold Skeletor Vinyl Appears Online!

Funko Hikari 24K Skeletor Gold Vinyl Figure Packaged

Well, here’s an oddity! It’s not unusual for a new Funko product to arrive in stores before its official release date. In fact, that tends to happen all the time. What is a bit strange, however, is for a new Funko vinyl to hit stores before it’s even been announced!

That’s just what we’ve got today, however, as the unannounced Funko Hikari 24K Gold Skeletor vinyl figure has turned up for sale online!

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NYCC 2014 Funko Toy Tokyo Booth Photos! Hikari Astro Boy!


Since Funko doesn’t have their own official booth at New York Comic Con 2014, I wasn’t expecting anything new to appear at the show. I was wrong. Along with five never-before-seen NYCC 2014 Funko Hikari exclusives, an entire display case full of Funko Hikari Astro Boy and Groot vinyl figures was also premiered at the show! Although I wasn’t positive Funko was going to do a bunch of colorways for … Continue Reading →