Funko Metallic Rainbow Dash Hot Topic Exclusive Announced!

Metallic Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Funko Exclusive Hot Topic Vinyl

Funko has released everything from clear glitter ponies to black ponies to Blue Flu Discords, but this fall they’ve got an all-new type of My Little Pony vinyl figure set to debut: Metallic ponies! And if a new subset of Funko My Little Pony Vinyls is to be launched, what better pony to kick off the line than the one that’s 20% more marketable than any other? The Funko Metallic Rainbow Dash vinyl figure is coming exclusively to Hot Topic in Fall 2014!

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Exclusive Funko Blue Discord Vinyl Figure Revealed!

Funko Blue Flu Discord Vinyl Figure Hot Topic Exclusive My Little Pony

As a nearly lifelong fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I have a special warm, fuzzy place in my heart for the character of Q. So imagine my surprise when watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic when Q himself showed up… as the chimera spirit of chaos, Discord!

Discord has garnered a huge fan base as a sometimes-reformed villain in the cartoon, and Funko collectors are now being rewarded with a third Funko Discord vinyl figure. This time–he’s blue!

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