Dorbz Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Revealed & Pre-Order!

Although 2015 has unarguably been the biggest year ever for Funko POP Vinyls, that’s not all that Funko has been putting out this year! In fact, Funko actually launched an all-new sub-brand called “Vinyl Sugar”, which encompasses various vinyl figure styles of its own. The most popular of which is definitely the Vinyl Sugar Dorbz line, which has already captured a wide variety of Marvel and Disney characters. But the Dorbz DC selection was limited entirely to Batman character–until now! The Vinyl Sugar Dorbz Wonder Woman Invisible Jet is now up for order!

Funko Dorbz Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Vinyl SetAlthough she’s technically part of DC’s “trinity” of top characters, Wonder Woman has always played third wheel to Batman and Superman. In fact, she’ll even be making her movie debut in next year’s “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie, which doesn’t even have her name in the title.

But for once–for once–Wonder Woman is getting one up on Superman! While the DC Dorbz vinyl figures line thus far has consisted of just Batman figures, Diana will be joining the line this winter–before Superman! In your face, Superman!

In fact, this Dorbz Wonder Woman figure will be the very first DC Dorbz figure to be released period that’s not a Batman character. Sorry Green Lantern, Flash, Supergirl and Green Arrow, but Diana Prince is taking her rightful spot as one of the most prominent DC Comics characters by beating all of you to the punch!

Dorbz Ridez Invisible Jet Wonder Woman SetWonder Woman will come with her legendary “Invisible Jet”, which, while not actually invisible, is at least cast in clear plastic so that you can see the whole Wonder Woman Dorbz figure right through the jet. I believe this is also the very first Rides vehicle that Funko has produced that comes with a flight stand. Cool!

Now that she’s gotten her own ride in Dorbz form, could there be a Funko POP Rides Invisible Jet in our future…? We’ll just have to wait and see–but for now, I’m happy with the a-DORBZ-ableness that is this Invisible Jet Dorbz Ridez!

Funko Dorbz Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Vinyl SetThe Vinyl Sugar Dorbz Ridez Invisible Jet with Wonder Woman set is now available for order, and is scheduled to be released by February 2016 (but hopefully a wee bit sooner). Will the hype for Wonder Woman’s appearance in Batman vs Superman (and the overall lower-visibility of Dorbz toys as a whole) make this a hard-to-find piece in stores? We’ll find out this winter!

What do you think of the second Dorbz Rides vehicle, Funko fans? Will you be adding the most invisible superhero vehicle around to your vinyl figure collection, or are you just not that into Dorbz (or Wonder Woman)?

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