Funko K-3PO POP Vinyls Figure Revealed! Star Wars!

We might have to start calling 2015 “The Year of K-3PO”, because man, is this poor, doomed protocol droid getting around this year! First he appeared in the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Kotobukiya Exclusive K-3PO and R3-A2 ARTFX+ statue set. Then last week, the LE 750 Funko Hikari K-3PO vinyl figure went up for order. And now, K-3PO will return once again this summer as a Funko POP Vinyl figure for the very first time!

Funko K-3PO POP Vinyls FigureIt took them a little while to learn what every other Star Wars licensee has known for years, but in 2015, Funko has finally realized they can make a goldmine by releasing repainted R2-D2 and C-3PO figures! The trend began with the R2-Q5, R2-R9 and chrome E-3PO figures at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, and then continued with the Gamestop Exclusive R2-B1 last month.

And now, the third Funko Star Wars POP Vinyls protocol droid is on the way: the white K-3PO protocol droid who appears briefly (and dies off-scene quickly) on Hoth in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back! I’ve seen it erroneously-reported elsewhere that this is just a non-chrome version of E-3PO, but that’s incorrect: E-3PO and K-3PO are totally different characters.

While Funko has not yet officially announced that this vinyl figure is one the way, Australian retailer Popcultcha has already revealed the Funko POP! Vinys K-3PO figure and begun taking pre-orders for it, so the cat (or doomed protocol droid) is now out of the bag on this one!

At this time, it’s totally unknown how the K-3PO Funko POP! Vinyls figure will be released in the United States. He’s a very obscure character, so it would make sense for him to be an exclusive, but there’s no official information known about exactly when and where this Funko POP K-3PO will be available in the U.S. just yet.

I’ll post an update here and to the Vinyl Pop Facebook Page once more information regarding the release of the Funko Star Wars K-3PO POP Vinyls figure are revealed. And be sure to ‘Like’ Us on Facebook if you want more photos and news sent right to your Newsfeed!

What do you think of the just-revealed K-3PO Funko POP! Vinyl figure, Star Wars fans? Are the droid repaints already wearing your interest thin, or are you excited to add as many unique Star Wars characters to your collection as possible?

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