Funko POP Vinyls Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet Pre-Order!

When Funko unexpectedly revealed a Dorbz Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet set back in fall 2015, I just knew that there was no way that they were going to let the chance to release a corresponding Wonder Woman Invisible Jet POP Vinyls Rides set slip away. At New York Toy Fair 2016 the clear aircraft made its debut, and in honor of BvS opening this week, the POP Rides Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet is now up for order!

Funko The Invisible Jet POP Vinyls Set with Wonder Woman

With Wonder Woman set to make her major motion picture debut in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie tomorrow night, there’s never been a more ripe time for Funko to capitalize on Wonder Woman’s soon-to-skyrocket popularity!

And so, flying into stores this spring is the amazingly cool Funko Invisible Jet POP Rides set, with an exclusive Wonder Woman POP Vinyl figure! The previously-released comic-based Wonder Woman POP Vinyls figures have all featured an extremely outdated, “blah” design, so I am thrilled to see a modern and better-looking Wonder Woman POP! included with this set. Now there’s a great incentive to buy The Invisible Jet!

Funko The Invisible Jet POP Rides Set BoxAs this is a POP Vinyl scaled vehicle and not a Dorbz Rides set, the Invisible Jet is much larger this time around. I believe that this is actually the largest toy ever made of Wonder Woman’s clear transparent signature vehicle!

Funko The Invisible Jet POP Rides 16 SetIf you just glance at the box for a second without paying enough attention, it really looks like the poor little Wonder Woman POP figure is just floating all alone in a gigantic box! Too funny–although the fact that it doesn’t look like there’s much in the box is probably the reason that Funko has never made a transparent plastic vehicle before (well, that and the fact that there aren’t many clear vehicles around to begin with).

Funko Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Box TopI don’t have a ton of shelf space to fit the large POP! Rides sets on, but as soon as I saw this set at the 2016 Toy Fair I knew it was destined for my living room.

Funko DC Wonder Woman The Invisible Jet POP Vinyls Figure and VehicleThe Funko POP Vinyls Wonder Woman Invisible Jet set is now available for order, and is scheduled to ship out by May 2016. That said, I’ve heard that this particular set may be arriving ahead of schedule, so place your pre-orders now if you want a good chance of this jet joining your collection in April!

What do you think of the Funko POP Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet set, vinyl lovers? Does this take on the jet trump the Dorbz version? Which iteration(s)–if any–will be joining your collection this spring?

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