Funko Toy Story POP Vinyls Up for Order & Photos!

Although it was the first-ever Pixar film and created some of the most popular and recognizable Disney characters of all-time, Toy Story has sort of gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to Disney Funko POP! Vinyls figure. There were two figures of Woody and Buzz Lightyear released way back in summer 2011 (and Zurg and the Alien soon after), but that’s been it for Pixar’s most-loved franchise… until now! A new series of Funko Toy Story 20th Anniversary POP Vinyls is now up for order, including Rex, Hamm, and new versions of Woody & Buzz Lightyear!

Woody Funko POP Vinyls Toy Story FigureToy Story Funko POP Vinyls Woody Figure

I’d like to feign being stunned about the announcement of these four new Toy Story Funko POP Vinyl figures, but unfortunately, Gamestop went and leaked out listings for all four of these figures several months back. Even so, I did think that we’d be seeing these figures arrive sooner than they actually are (what with how 2015 is the 20th Anniversary of Toy Story–not 2016).

That said, the four newest additions to the Disney POP Vinyls family have arrived, and they are adorable… and beyond! The original 2011 versions of Woody and Buzz Lightyear are unfortunately, well… not all that cute. But this do-over has definitely been worthwhile, as both characters look massively improved and are must-owns for collectors (especially those who missed the first versions of each character)!

Funko Buzz Lightyear POP Vinyls FigureFunko POP Vinyls Toy Story 20th Anniversary Buzz Lightyear Figure

Funko POP Vinyls Rex Figure Toy Story 20th AnniversaryToy Story Funko POP! Vinyls Rex Figure

The two all-new characters in this series are Rex and Hamm. Rex is not only adorable, but probably also the fourth most recognizable of all Toy Story characters (after Woody, Buzz and the Aliens). I wish a side view of the prototype was available so that we could see exactly how the tail has been executed, but this is going to be an incredibly adorable POP Vinyl no matter what.

I am a little surprised to see that Funko chose to include Hamm as part of this series. I was already a collector when Toy Story hit theaters in 1995, and as far back as I can remember Hamm toys have always sold poorly. I have a hunch Hamm is only being included as an easy-to-do original character from the film that doesn’t require paying royalties, but I still hope that Funko doesn’t overproduce this sarcastic pig.

Funko Toy Story POP Vinyls Hamm FigureFunko Toy Story POP Vinyls Hamm Figure

The Funko Toy Story POP Vinyls series is now available for order online, and is scheduled to be released in January 2016. Seeing as how this is a “20th Anniversary” set and it’s already been released a month after the 20th Anniversary year of Toy Story is over, I suspect we’re only going to see a limited-time production run on these figures. If you’re a hardcore Toy Story lover, keep that in mind and don’t wait too long on this quartet!

What do you think of the four characters chosen for the Funko POP Vinyls Toy Story 20th Anniversary Series, vinyl fans? Will you be picking up any (or all!) of these four iconic Pixar characters, or are you satisfied with the Toy Story POP! Vinyls previously released?

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