Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Harry Potter POP Vinyls!

Well, this is a plot twist that I bet collectors didn’t see coming! Even though the seven Funko Harry Potter POP Vinyls that debuted at the New York Toy Fair 2015 in February 2015 have yet to hit stores, we’ve now gotten word of the next two figures coming to the series! I hope you all love “The Boy Who Lived”, because Quidditch Harry Potter and Sword of Gryffindor Harry Potter figures are on the way!

Quidditch Harry Potter Funko POP Vinyls Figure Hot Topic ExclusiveI genuinely didn’t expect any news regarding more upcoming Harry Potter POP! Vinyls to surface until the first seven figures hit retail, but it looks like the power of Potter merch is too much to contain! Instagram user Plasticity leaked images of the next two figures in the line this week.

First up, we’ve got the Funko Quidditch Harry Potter POP! Vinyl. This is a Hot Topic Pre-Release figure, meaning that the Harry Potter in Quidditch Uniform vinyl will be available at Hot Topic stores first, but will be available at mass retail a few months after it has been released at Hot Topic.

As this is not just a repaint of Harry, it is designated as Funko POP Vinyls Harry Potter #8 on the box and in the numbering sequence. This Quidditch Harry Potter POP! looks to use the exact same head as the regular Harry Potter vinyl, but a 100% newly-tooled body. Can a Quidditch Ron be far behind…?

Hot Topic Exclusive Sword of Gryffindor Harry Potter Funko POP VinylMeanwhile, the leaked images also confirm the first true exclusive in the whole Harry Potter Funko figures line: Sword of Gryffindor Harry Potter! This is specifically Harry from the ending of “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, of course.

Although this Chamber of Secret Harry Potter POP Vinyl will be a Hot Topic store exclusive, it still uses a new body mold (but the same Harry head again), and thus has its own unique number designation of #9. This obviously isn’t as major a variation as the Harry Potter Quidditch figure is, but I suspect Potter fans will want it nonetheless.

Funko POP Vinyls Harry Potter Quidditch Uniform FigureThe first seven Funko Harry Potter POP! Vinyl figures are now available for pre-order, with the Sword of Gryffindor and Quidditch Harry Potters expected to hit Hot Topic stores in July/August 2015. Considering how well the Funko Doctor Who figures are selling, I’ve a hunch these Potter POPs are going to blow out of stores at supernatural speed.

What do you think of the next two Harry Potter POP! Vinyls to be revealed, Funko fans? Do you want either (or both!) of these Potters, or are you content with the plain old Harry Potter #1 figure that should hit stores en masse next month?


Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Harry Potter POP Vinyls! — 2 Comments

  1. I want them all!!! I cannot wait for more or be announced! The fact that Harry Potter got its own line means there is a lot more to come

  2. has HP Pop Hot Topic exclusive #9 Sword of Gryffindor for sale. No sign of #8 yet.