October Loot Crate Exclusive Funko POP Dr. Emmett Brown!

Funko Dr. Emmett Brown Loot Crate POP Exclusive October 2015

For over a month, Loot Crate has been teasing collectors about an exclusive Funko POP! Vinyl figure coming in the October 2015 Loot Crate. With the October theme being “Time”, there’s been a lot of speculation–and a lot of diehard Doctor Who fans–hoping this month’s LootCrate would include an exclusive Doctor Who POP Vinyl figure. But if you’re a big Whovian and were thinking of ordering this month just for the POP!, you might want to think again: the October Loot Crate Funko POP Vinyl Dr. Emmett Brown figure has now been revealed!

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WWE Funko Bella Twins POP Vinyls Figures Released!

WWE Brie & Nikki Bella Funko POP Vinyl Exclusive Set

This is the biggest weekend of the year for professional wrestling fans, as Wrestlemania XXXI will take place on Sunday night! But WWE holds several little events before the show, including a WWE Superstore at WWE Axxess.

And for the first time ever this year, there’s a Funko POP Vinyls exclusive available at Axxess: the exclusive Funko Nikki & Brie Bella POP Vinyls two-pack has now been released!

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Funko Cheesy Skipper Convention Exclusive POP Vinyl!

Funko POP Vinyls SDCC 2015 Exclusive Cheesy Skipper Penguin Figure Packaged

Funko has given us dozens of different exclusive POP Vinyls variant types over the years, including Metallic, Glow-in-the-Dark, Flocked, Black-and-White, Holographic, Pearlescent, Bloody, Rainbow, and many, many more. But this summer, Funko is tackling a new type of exclusive variant that we’ve never seen before (and very likely never will again): from last year’s “Penguins of Madagascar” movie, it’s the summer convention exclusive Funko Cheesy Skipper POP! Vinyls figure!

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Funko Hikari Greedo Vinyl Figure Variants Revealed & Photos!

Funko Greedo Hikari Figure Colorways

Funko Hikari debuted to huge demand and instant sellouts in the second half of 2014–and while the line seemed to be cooling off a mite this winter, Funko is ready to kick things into high gear with new licenses in 2015! And there’s no license bigger than that of Star Wars! Although the Funko Star Wars Hikari figures were only announced in December 2014, the first one is arriving this month: the first Funko Hikari Greedo figure is now up for order!

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Funko Glow-In-The-Dark Cthulhu POP Vinyl Up for Order!

Funko Cthulhu Glow in the Dark POP Vinyl Exclusive Figure

The king of exclusives is back with yet another super-cool Funko POP! Vinyls exclusive this week, and this time it’s from among the most popular types of exclusives: Glow in the Dark variants! Now, it doesn’t make sense for every character that Funko produces to have a glow-in-the-dark variant, but when the character in question happens to be a green, supernatural, tentacled monster, an exclusive variant is definitely warranted: the Funko Glow-in-the-Dark Cthulhu POP! Vinyl is now up for order exclusively at EE!

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2015 Funko Frozen Series 2 POP Vinyls Revealed & Photos!

Funko Frozen Series 2 POP Vinyls Figures Revealed

Frozen is the most successful new Disney animated franchise in, well… ever… and as a result, companies have been racing to produce quality Frozen toys and merchandise. The Funko Frozen POP! Vinyls have been some of Funko’s best-selling toys of the year, and as a result, the five-figure Frozen Funko POP Vinyl line will be expanding in 2015 with an additional eight figures, including Summer Olaf, Young Anna & Elsa, and a 6″ Marshmallow POP! Vinyl! Read on for all the details…

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Funko Hikari 24K Gold Skeletor Vinyl Appears Online!

Funko Hikari 24K Skeletor Gold Vinyl Figure Packaged

Well, here’s an oddity! It’s not unusual for a new Funko product to arrive in stores before its official release date. In fact, that tends to happen all the time. What is a bit strange, however, is for a new Funko vinyl to hit stores before it’s even been announced!

That’s just what we’ve got today, however, as the unannounced Funko Hikari 24K Gold Skeletor vinyl figure has turned up for sale online!

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Funko Metallic Rainbow Dash Hot Topic Exclusive Announced!

Metallic Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Funko Exclusive Hot Topic Vinyl

Funko has released everything from clear glitter ponies to black ponies to Blue Flu Discords, but this fall they’ve got an all-new type of My Little Pony vinyl figure set to debut: Metallic ponies! And if a new subset of Funko My Little Pony Vinyls is to be launched, what better pony to kick off the line than the one that’s 20% more marketable than any other? The Funko Metallic Rainbow Dash vinyl figure is coming exclusively to Hot Topic in Fall 2014!

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Exclusive Funko Blue Discord Vinyl Figure Revealed!

Funko Blue Flu Discord Vinyl Figure Hot Topic Exclusive My Little Pony

As a nearly lifelong fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I have a special warm, fuzzy place in my heart for the character of Q. So imagine my surprise when watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic when Q himself showed up… as the chimera spirit of chaos, Discord!

Discord has garnered a huge fan base as a sometimes-reformed villain in the cartoon, and Funko collectors are now being rewarded with a third Funko Discord vinyl figure. This time–he’s blue!

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Funko Sesame Street POP Vinyls Announced! Super Grover!

Funko Super Grover POP Vinyls Figure Packaged

Toy Tokyo is going to be the place to be for Funko collectors at New York Comic Con 2014 this week, as Toy Tokyo has more NYCC 2014 Funko exclusives than any other vendor at the event, including exclusive Funko POP! Vinyls, Funko Hikari Sofubi, Funko ReAction figures and more! And the NYCC 2014 Toy Tokyo booth is about to get even better, as Funko announced today that it will be the only place to get the early release first figure in the Funko Sesame Street POP! Vinyls line–the Funko Super Grover POP Vinyl!

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